May 18, 2017

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These are our two methods of getting you targeted followers:

1.  FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW:  first we target your followers and search for the types of people that follow pages like yours or live in your area.  The targeting can be changed anytime you’d like.  We slowly follow 500 of the gathered accounts throughout the day.  Next day we unfollow all of those accounts and simultaneously follow another 500 people.  This way the amount of people that you are following remains level and relatively low but your followers will grow by the hundreds every week or even every day.  We do all of this without unfollowing ANY of your original users.

2.  LIKING:  We do a search for the people who like the types of pictures you post and slowly like 1000 of those pictures per day.

 To begin your  three day free trial, please reply to this email with your log in information.  We need to access your Instagram API to run our service, rest assured your information is securely saved and remains completely confidential via our Socially Maxed Privacy Policy on our site.
Please make sure you go to settings in Instagram by clicking on the little  dial and turning  off “Two Factor Authentication” if it is turned on.  This step is crucial for us to be able to access your account and to gain you the followers you need.

Your Instagram App should notify you that someone is trying to sign in and if they do please click “YES” and let us know you did so.

After that you should be up and running. If you’re not getting enough followers or you have any issues with the targeting please email

If there are any people that follow you that you want to keep following (aside from the people your following already) please email and we’ll make sure they are not removed.  Don’t forget to include your username as well so we know who this is. 


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We will email you today and start helping you get the followers you want.